Live in Art Gallery

Bring art into our daily life.

We create an open platform for people to enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of the rich art and culture in both east and west. It serves as a bridge that facilitates the artistic and cultural communication between the eastern and western countries. We aspire to promote the cultural exchange and cooperation between the east and the west by presenting art exhibitions, planning art events, providing artist residency, carrying out various teaching activities, offering academic prizes and awards, holding charity auctions, organising tours for artists, supporting children’s art development, etc.

More specifically, we encourage eastern artists to hold exhibitions in Australia and will organise Australian painters to host exhibitions in Asian countries. Every effort is made to ensure that we make our contributions to the palace of art in both nations, which is the very goal and mission of ours. Art and creation know no borders. Today, art is no longer confined to the plaster lines hanging high in the Louvre Museum. Instead, it has become a daily expression. Let’s welcome art into our daily life.