Yifeng Tan – Between

Frank Malerba & Yifeng Tan

Curator :  Yifeng Tan

Producer :  Yuhan Fu

Exhibition statement

The “Between” exhibition attempts to embody and contrast the unconventional relationship between language styles, spatial distances, expressions, materials and cultural applications of two different styles artists. The opening ceremony of the exhibition is on 7th of September (2 pm), we will take you to explore the charm of the paintings and sculptures brought to you by the two artists, and to discuss an important way to trace the spatial distance and the malleability of the work through interdisciplinary interpretation.

The artist Frank Malerba is an Italian Australian background and Yifeng Tan, a well-known Chinese artist based in Melbourne. They are famous artists, curators, art collectors and art collectors in the field of Australian contemporary art. The works of this exhibition focus on transcending time and space. The expressions of regional civilization and ethnic culture have been recognized and praised by Australian society. Their works have been collected by international and Australian art institutions, universities and private collectors.

Frank Malerba is the director of Jackman Gallery in Melbourne, he is also a contemporary art collector and famous artist. Frank’s sculptures and paintings exemplify the dynamic relationship between lines and shapes in different spaces. “In my current body of work, the emphasis is on the lineal imagery, taking the viewer on a journey through the layers of lines and colour which can sometimes almost became abstract. Whether it’s a painting or a sculpture, the challenge is always making the lines, colour, subject matter and composition to tell your story and work as an artwork.”

Recognised in Melbourne and nationally for his sculptural works, Malerba continually delights viewers with his lyricism of line translated into steel. Malerba states, “Using a linear approach I am able to accentuate and capture the sense of movement that is unique to the subject matter. I am interested in capturing the many fleeting moods of my models.”

Malerba’s work articulates a combination of new wave pop – realism, the abstract and the figurative sublime. This is achieved through the bold use line combined with progressive techniques and materials, lending the work to be sensually urban.

Yifeng Tan lives in Melbourne and graduated from the Canberra Art Institute of Australian National University. He has held art exhibitions in Australia and around the world and has won various prestigious art awards, including the Canberra Art Prize (2003). His work has also been collected by numerous public art institutions and individuals in Australia and abroad. Yifeng’s works have distinct characteristics. Apples and large bowls often appear in the works. These apples and large bowls carry small humans, suggesting that human destiny is closely related to these bearers.

“My art is personal and is a means of understanding what was originally for me an alienating and disturbing environment. The figures in my paintings interact in environments in which they are obviously not comfortable. The atmosphere is charged with a continual sense of imminent but understated action. I endeavour to convey this sense of expectation to the viewer so that they may determine the when what and why of the action. The allusory network each viewer brings to the work is as important as the contents of the images I place before them. ”

In “Between” exhibition, the work of Tan Yifeng reveals the generalized space is embodied in the infinite extension of the picture exterior and the way of thinking. The work tries to pass the “space” and “distance” factual metaphors in the abnormal order of different environments. “The world I paint is one that speaks of my Chinese origins and of my current home in both Australia and China. I use ambiguity to assist in the articulation (although full articulation is not the desired outcome) of the individual’s place in a multicultural world.”

The specific “between” needs specific measurement standards, and the concrete reality is embodied in the specific civilization and progress. In the “between”, we will experience the existence and value in space and distance.