Shaohua Nong – Mister Anonymous

Mister Anonymous
Shaohua Nong Solo Exhibition

Curator :  Yifeng Tan

Producer :  Yuhan Fu

Exhibition statement

Using the medium of oil painting to intervene in the artist ’s thinking about life, the individual ’s secular life flows like a crooked river. We ca n’t grasp the time or life. The same is true of painting. Each painting has its own destiny, accident, meditation, nostalgia. , Delusions, dreams, present, future, fear, loneliness, happiness, etc. will all meet with Nong Shaohua’s paintings.

Before moving to Songzhuang, Beijing and settling in a studio in 2010, Nong Shaohua found several jobs in Shanxi Province, where he was born and raised. Based on life, he explored his own way of painting, uniquely and freely organizing these ordinary, seemingly insignificant things. It shows us the uncertain plot in the picture. His works always carry subtle, humorous and ironic stories.

The universe is like a dream, the earth is like a dream, and life is like a dream. In the gradual accumulation of experience, human civilization broke through epistemologically, as the Buddha said, “everything works like a dream bubble.” Nong Shaohua’s painting world is a dreamlike fictional reality. He has entered the realm of watching movies, and has also entered the dream world of psychological changes in his personal mind.