Pulvers – Three Sisters

Three sisters
alice, sophie and lucy pulvers group exhibition

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

Exhibition statement

Alice, Sophie and Lucy Pulvers are three artist sisters. 

The three sisters and their brother were born in Japan in the 1980s and spent much of their childhood there until moving to Australia in 2001. Alice, Sophie and Lucy share a rare and close bond, both as sisters and as artists. Their childhood experiences in the rich aesthetic environment of Japan had a formative influence on them as they grew up and developed as artists from an early age. Alice, Sophie and Lucy are now based in Australia, although they continue their relationship with Japan and have also travelled widely in Europe.

The present ‘Three Sisters’ exhibit displays a representative selection of the artists’ work, including earlier works and more recent works completed during the difficult months of COVID-19. In this way, the ‘Three Sisters’ exhibit showcases the artistic and stylistic progression of the three individual artists over a number of years.

Although the three sisters are in constant communication with each other about their work, they have, from childhood, each possessed an entirely distinct aesthetic and practical style.

This exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to bring together works by Alice, Sophie and Lucy so that their highly distinctive styles and chosen subjects can be seen together and appreciated for both their artistic differences and the deep aesthetic resonances that inspire them. 

Alice Pulvers's artwork

Sophie pulvers's artwork

lucy pulvers's artwork