Palimpsest 2021

2021 Solo Exhibition

Exhibition statement

“Despite the isolation and changes brought to us by the pandemic, our passion and enthusiasm towards the creative flare and of the shared human experience still persevere. Instead of focusing on the pandemic or just the artworks, we wish to shed light on our dialogue with the artists on life during these difficult times. All of the artworks from their recent memories will be engrained history.

This exhibition not only intends to reflect on the drastic changes in the way we live but it also intends to encourage the ones who find ways to remain dedicated during a time of adversity having to face the uncertainties in the world around us.Artists have the unique ability to reflect their thoughts and emotions through unique mediums. We believe the artwork created during the pandemic not only help the artists to find relief through expression, they will also become an important part of recorded history. This exhibition will provide the opportunity for participating artists to communicate with the art community about their recent experiences through their work.

In support of local artists, Live in Art Sydney proudly invites 11 established and emerging artists for a joint group exhibition to be held from 26th March to 15th May, 2021.”


Abby Murray

Dana Dion

Erika Sorby

Felicia Aroney

Gabrielle Jones

Hugh Drake

Juan Luis Alcala Sucre

Keiran Gordon

Karen Lee

Thomas Thorby-Liste

 Yunn Ru

list of artwork