Ning Chen Riding on Dreams

Riding on Dreams
Ning Chen Solo Exhibition

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

June zhao

Exhibition statement

Riding On Dreams

Cherish the Prime of Life

In the works of Chen Ning, the interaction between painting and poetry is especially close.

His delicate brushwork and inventive use of ink are magnificent and one-of-a-kind. He is skilled at capturing beautiful emotions and expressing and communicating the beauty of life through his own artistic language.

Capturing animal characteristics, reshaping subjectivity, and portraying animal temperament and behaviour flawlessly-the image of indefinite connection and companionship-appears to be able to gain a steady flow of spiritual power and has a super healing effect. The colour scheme is harmonised and aesthetically pleasant. Within the peaceful, gentle, and tender atmosphere, spiritual healing can arise.

Chen Ning is modest, polite, low-key, calm, and friendly in everyday life. He cares little for material possessions and intends to pursue artistic excellenceHe has pursued his creative endeavours with passion and joy, based on his profound skills, extraordinary diligence, and social awareness. His works are high in demand and extremely competitive to collect.

Riding on Dreams and cherish the prime of life” Who would not desire living in the present moment?

ARTIST statement

A concise overview of my artistic journey:

Throughout the years, I have consistently used traditional Chinese brushes and ink papers to create numerous anthropomorphic animal artworks, the majority of which feature horses.

Horses have always been my closest companions and creative inspiration; they comprehend my heart and affections. The traditional Chinese art of ink and paper has been ingrained in my bones and blood for the entirety of my life. However, having spent many years immersed in various cultures, I have persistently explored new artistic expression techniques. Every time l immerse myself in the creative process, whether in the past or the present, I strive to surpass myself.

My paintings may appear airy and light, with simple tones and structures, and may not necessarily convey the complexity and rapid changes of the contemporary world. Nonetheless, they represent my unique perspective, encapsulating my inner thoughts, perspectives, and profound reflections on various global issues. They serve both my own and others’ healing.

Adhering to the principle of “honouring tradition as the foundation and embracing creativity as the soul”, l aspire to manifest this philosophy continuously in my artwork.

——Ning Chen

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