Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun
Anonymous Photography Exhibition

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

Exhibition statement

’The sun has never shone on me, as I only breathe the air of an endless night. The essence of the sun will forever linger within me, though my mere existence roams at dusk and ceases at dawn. This precious light that everyone seems to have, I have failed to attain. My identity is nothing but a distorted reflection of you and me. So, as your life begins beneath the warm rays of the sun, I will simply mould into the shadow of the night.‘

The ‘Midnight Sun’ exhibition, is a series of black and white photography. An anonymous artist whose work exudes of great talent and meaning. Unique photographs that captures the means of life, light, darkness, and self. The artist identity will transpire overtime, but for now come and join us in this exhibition.

To witness the powerful imagery of this artist, we encourage you to come and participate, as everything provided will be advantageous for his exhibition next year. For those who contribute, will be recognised and accredited within the gallery and website, in his next exhibition. The identity of the artist will be unveiled in the following year.

The timeless pieces are one-off artefact’s, that you simply must see and have.