Lafe The Unique Rose

the unique rose
lafe Solo Exhibition

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

Exhibition statement

CARTE VIP Lounge introduces a new solo exhibition, ‘Unique Roses’, a timeless collection of watercolor on paper pieces. On this occasion, we’d like to invite those who are fond of watercolor painting and roses. 

Artist Sattha Homsawat prefers to be called “La Fe” which in Spanish means “Faith” and defines himself as an artist who connects worlds of watercolor paintings together who often paints classic depictions, using watercolor for its transparency properties. La Fe trained in the Graduated Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at Silpakorn University Thailand and has since become well known for his “Watercolour without Drawing” series of international workshops and paintings. He follows a tradition of handling the medium of watercolour with a purist approach, often rendering subject matter in “plein air” and categorizes his personal style as “hybrid Painting,” which is composed of watercolor painting, action painting and conceptual art. 

It is his ability to get his perception onto paper with immediacy and directness which underpins his brilliance and talent- through which recognition inevitably followed him and is labelled as one of the leading Thai artists. This relatively young master has established an international reputation which looks set to grow. He has featured on mainstream Thai Television and has made many appearances in the International art press. La Fe has exhibited in over 80 international exhibitions and has been a prime mover in organizing international watercolour exhibitions in Thailand. He is widely respected by the global art community.

list of artwork