He Huang – Imprint

HE HUANG Solo Exhibition

Curator :  Jiawei Shen

Producer :  Yuhan Fu

Exhibition statement

He Huang’s solo exhibition “Imprint” will be launched at Live in Art Sydney on October 26. “When life is endowed with time, experience will become art”. At the special exhibition, audience can enter the world of art and beauty depicted by Huang He, and feel his philosophy of life from the rhythmical sculptures and oil paintings.

The exhibition will feature an expanse, clean and modern Sydney painted by He Huang, who has lived in Australia for many years, with hidden reality, dream, enthusiasm, and calmness; you can also appreciate the landscape of his motherland, and oriental beauty in winding paths, green shade, red walls, overhanging eaves, old streets, and strange lanes. The world created by lines, light, shadow, and colors is seemingly telling the eternal time. All the past is presented here as gift of time and tide.

Sitting here, you will feel your heart being filled with gratitude and contentment. “The slovenly dressed dream-seeker is in a hurry to depart without hesitation. No matter how many works he has created and whatever the gains and losses, he starts from scratch and devotes himself to art with strong determination. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to share his “journey” and gains, get moved and inspired by him, and rekindle our passion towards life and art.” As the grand finale of Live in Art Sydney this year, the exhibition has invited artist Jiawei Shen as curator of this exhibition and he will be there for the opening ceremony. On October 26, We invite you to come here with us, to see the veteran artist who is always full of passion, and appreciate his attitude towards life.

Grand Opening: Saturday 26 October, 2-4 pm