Guan Wei – Passages

Passages in Modern Sculpture
Pin Hsun Hsiang Solo Exhibition

Curator :  Guan Wei

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

Exhibition statement

What does ‘passages’ mean to Pin Hsun Hsiang? ‘Passages’ are his footprints upon the Earth, his inspiration from unexpected encounters, it is his process of developing a unique artistic style, the transfer of identity from east to west, it is the means of showcasing his hardships and obstacles along the way. Life is a passage of exploration from the beginning to the end. It is the passage of the body, the culture, the art, and a life long passage of the soul.

For more than 30 years, he has traveled to more than 100 countries. Traveling to Africa and South America more than 5 times respectively, and the list goes on. He is deeply influenced by the culture of each country and has created artistic symbols with a distinct style. At the same time, he has transitioned from a Chinese artist to a Chinese artist living in Australia. His identity has undergone a transition from east to west. Through his artwork, we see the life experience that cannot be replicated. He continues to walk on along these passages and will never stop.

His modern sculptures are full of distant landscapes, exotic cultures, and even his strong emotions at that time. Under his unique artistic symbols, audiences can explore his unique passages through time and space, and come across with others in the parallel world!

Grand Opening: Saturday 12 October, 2-4 pm