Guan Wei ‘Holy Number’

Holy Number
GUAN WEI | carte private collection

Producer :  Huijinou Wang

Exhibition statement

Carte VIP Lounge is excited to reveal a private collection of renowned Chinese Australian artist, Guan Wei’s, latest series of artwork – “Holy Number”. This collection was created during the 2020 COVID pandemic period, and all works exhibited have not been shown to the public before. Viewing of the artworks can only be seen exclusively at Carte VIP Lounge at the Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay as a private collection (the collection is not for sale). 

In an empty world, we see the number zero which represents endless possibilities, it carries the hope of new life but also the death of what was past. With origins in Buddhism and India, Holy Number 0 is intertwined with life and all its manifestations. Guan Wei plays with these ideas in one of his works which illustrates the mysterious wheel of reincarnation played by angels and demons. As we continue through the exhibit, Guan Wei unfolds the stories of the Holy Numbers, the triumphs, wonder and mystery experienced and we finally end with number nine who’s selfless love is the highest level of spiritual attainment. Let Holy Number be your number zero and join us at Carte VIP Lounge for the greatest beginning and end to the year!

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