Flowing Essence

Flowing Essence
Group Exhibition

Curator :  Guan Wei

Producer :  Huijinou Wang, June zhao

Exhibition statement

An Odyssey of Movement and Transition

The concept of flow has mesmerised countless individuals, providing a profound reflection on the journey of life. Flow embodies continuity, vastness, and adaptability, mirroring the relentless ebb and surge inherent to existence. In the same vein, our gallery has flourished amidst a myriad of challenges, setbacks, and momentous accomplishments. The year 2024 stands as a pivotal moment, signalling both a transition and a celebration of seven years dedicated to artistic passion and excellence.

“Flowing Essence” encapsulates our gallery’s evolution, moving gracefully from Eastern beginnings to Northern ambitions. Every piece in this exhibition carries its own narrative, seamlessly integrating into the grand tapestry of our shared odyssey. The anticipation and eventual realisation of securing a new home for our gallery in 2023 bears witness to our foresight, ambition, and the undying support of our patrons.

Life, in its myriad forms, is about connections, encounters, and a profound belief in cosmic synchronicity. This collection speaks to the notion that, armed with faith and a clear purpose, we are all destined for greater vistas. In the grand scheme of things, flow, much like water, is more than a force of nature – it symbolizes love, steadfast support, and unwavering resilience. Inspired by Daoist philosophy, the artworks delve into the many aspects, from its generous spirit to its ability to navigate any impediment.

Within the sphere of psychological imagery, the idea of flow parallels the apex of human character traits. Just as the flow persists with intention, seamlessly and selflessly enriching its surroundings, so do individuals who possess genuine strength of character, exemplified by humility, resilience, and adaptability.¬¬

We invite you on this artistic journey where the essence of flow parallels human experiences. Let’s celebrate destiny, treasure the bonds we create, immerse in the present moment, and allow life to unfold naturally, akin to the unerring course of a stream. Dive into the rhythm, surrender to the essence. Welcome to “Flowing Essence.” 


Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM

Chonggang Du

Chris Ma

Dana Dion

David Wang

Guan Wei

Ken Knight

Lisa Rochfort

Mitsuo Shoji

Paul McCarthy 

Phil Stallard

Richard Chao

Sally Stokes

Zengping Lai

list of artwork