Doris Ma – Dawn’s Blossom

Dawn's Blossom
Doris Ma‘s Private Collection of Handbag

Exhibition statement

Art comes from life, and art can return to life and embellish life. Breathtakingly, Live in Art Sydney will present an eye-catching exhibition called ‘Dawn’s Blossom’ showcasing a private collection of handbags in late May 2019.

Everyone is not unfamiliar with the collision of art and fashion, but this exhibition is particularly special. The gallery owner of Live in Art Sydney, Maggie Wu, and the board member, Doris Ma, co-hosted this fabulous exhibition and present many limited series, haute couture series and artist cooperative series collected by Doris, including Dior Lady, Petite Malle Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel collection, Bulgari collection and an unveiling of branded fragrances.

In the faintly observable black-based tone, we can be very intuitive and impressed by its bright colours in these handbags. Just as it is now, at the end of May between autumn and winter. In this relatively gloomy season, these colourful handbags are like a bunch of warm sun that pierces through the darkness and brings to everyone an unparalleled visual feast.

These limited series, haute couture series and artist cooperative series from all over the world visually show us how different brands break through the limitations of craftsmanship, and how artists give fashion new definitions and artistic values. All the details, including but much more than the chooses of materials, accessories and colour matchings, showcase the collector’s unique aesthetic concept and the artists’ infinite creative inspiration.

‘Dawn’s Blossom’ is divided into five themes that revolve around collector Doris’s personal experience and stories. From a girl to a woman, from a daughter to a wife, then to a mom, her roles are changing, while the heart of loving herself has never changed.

Live in Art Sydney sincerely invites you to celebrate the beauty of art and fashion.