Carte Ceramic Artists

Carte VIP Lounge is an exciting unique sensory experience, incorporating artistic elements in every detail. Each event is crafted with elements from the exhibition at the time. All table arrangements are inspired by the exhibition, and there may even be tableware created by artists. Food meets art for the ultimate taste experience and is creatively presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The guest will dine in the backdrop of beautiful artworks while experiencing elements of art in the food, utensils and table arrangements. We honorably introduce our guest ceramic artists:

Elisa Bartels

Elisa’s career began by completing a Bachelor of Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts majoring in ceramics and since then her practice has developed and strengthened.  


Her art practice is centred around pushing the boundaries of public perception on the capabilities of ceramics. Clay is a nuanced material that transcends the domestic environment and confidently straddles the perceived divide between art and design.

Her work is in private residences and she has shown pieces in both design and art exhibitions such as Workshopped 19 and The Other Art Fair. She had her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2018. Elisa’s work is stocked in various retail stores in Sydney and a three Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

What excites her is subverting the perception that ceramics has in the broader community. and opening up a dialogue by producing works which are approachable, exciting, fun and sexy.