Carte Collection


We have a range of classic private collections …



21 April – 20 June

With the Autumn wind settling in, this season calls for a change of scenery and in line with this is our new exhibition. The Unique Roses, an elegant collection by Sattha Homsawat, who prefers to be “LaFe”.

Lafe is one of the leading Thai artists and defines himself as an artist who connects worlds of watercolor paintings together.


Xifa Yang

10 March – 2 April

Dr Yang Xifa has been living and working in Australia and China. He has had solo and group exhibitions in China, Australia and Japan.

Dr Yang is known for his bold exploration in combining traditional Chinese painting with contemporary art experiment. 

The theme of this exhibition is related to the era of chasing economy of consumption, and it presents personal perceptions of materials and coins as currency.

In today’s world, everything is related to capital in one way or the other on almost all levels. Focusing on the truth and illusion hidden behind the “currency”, the series will prompt viewers to come up with their own opinions and stories of different flavours.

Yang painted hundreds of human figures with despairing expressions and struggling body language and other symbols and iconography to depict a chaotic scene, almost like the end of the world. A group of artworks in this exhibition takes on another central theme of human life, namely, money. Yang chose ancient coins to anchor his observations and philosophical thoughts in how money has had a profound impact on every aspect of people’s life throughout history. 


Guan Wei

Private collection of Guan Wei’s latest series of artwork. This collection was created during the 2020 COVID pandemic period, and all works exhibited have not been shown to the public before.

Please note that this collection is for exhibition only, but not for sale.


Zhou Xiaoping

Zhou Xiaoping is a Melbourne-based artist and curator, born and educated in China. Since 1988 he has been actively engaged with Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land and the Kimberley.

Xiaoping has held 54 solo exhibitions worldwide, and has published two Chinese language books on his experiences with Aboriginal communities.