Yanyin Chen CV

Yanyin Chen

Born in Shanghai, China, 1958
Lives and works in Sydney and Shanghai

Yanyin Chen
Public Telephone 5-A, 1999
Bronze free-standing sculpture
44 x 5 x 10.5 cm


2000    Graduated with Master Degree from Visual Arts in Sydney College of Arts
1988    Graduated from China National Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department


2016    Files, So Far So Close, Shanghai
2015    Files – So Far So Close, Chen Yanyin Solo Exhibition, SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai
2014    Illustration of Sutra of Meditation on Amitabha Buddha, Shanghai
2000    Diary, The art gallery of Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
1994    Box Series, Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute, Shanghai


2019    Then, White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale, Australia
2016    The Three-Person Exhibition, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2015    Rhodri Jones & Chen Yanyin, Mo Space, Zhengzhou
2014    Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art, Yuz Museum, Shanghai
2014    Oltre La Materia, International Art Exhibition, Mo Space, Zhengzhou
2014    The Twelfth National Art Exhibition, Tianjin
2012   Meet Taipei, Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2011   2011 Datong International Sculpture Biennale, Enlightenment, Heyang Art Museum, Datong
2011   Contemporary Art Exhibition Documentation Project II:” Let’s Talk about Money–1st International Fax Art Exhibition in Shanghai 1996″, ShanghART Taopu, Shanghai
2008    Heading with Times Group Exhibition of Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Reforming and Opening up Policy in the Yangtze River Delta Area, 1978-2008, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai
2008    It is I Too, Self Portraits By 21 Chinese Artists, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai
2007    Contemporary Present, Shanghai Wu Jiaochang 800 Art Space Opening Exhibition, Wu Jiaochang 800 Art Space, Shanghai
2006    Art exhibition by female artists from Norway and China, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2003   Junction-Chinese Contemporary Architecture of Art, Lianyang Architecture Art Museum, Shanghai
2002    4th Shanghai Biennale, Urban Creation, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2000    Extraordinary Fragrance of Rose, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore
1998    Internal Document Show, Kassel
1998    Half of the Sky, Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany
1998    Jiangnan, Modern and Contemporary Art form South of the Yangzi River, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1997    Another Long March, Chinese Conceptual Art in the 1990′, Chasse Kazerne, Fundament Foundation, Breda, The Netherlands
1996    Shanghai Fax: Let’s Talk about Money, International Fax Art Exhibition, Shanghai Huashan Professional School of Art Gallery, Shanghai
1996    European Cultural Festival, Denmark
1996    The Second Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
1995    45 Degrees as a Reason, Conceptual Collaboration Work Organized by Geng Jianyi with Artists from

1995    Hangzhou-Shanghai-Beijing, Artist`s Private Home, Shanghai; Beijing; Hangzhou

1994    Agreed to the Date 26 Nov.1994 as a Reason, Conceptual Collaboration Work with Artists from Hangzhou-1994    Shanghai-Beijing, Artist Apartment, Shanghai; Hangzhou; Beijing
1990    The Sea Line in Shanghai, Shanghai
1989    The Sixth National Art Exhibition, Beijing
1986    The First National Sports Art Exhibition, Beijing


2009    The 11th National Art Exhibition, the Third Prize
2008    “China Sculpture Grand Prize” from the First Chinese Pose – China Sculpture Exhibition
1992    The Second Prize of Shanghai Art Exhibition
1991    The Encouragement Prize of Shanghai Art Exhibition


2016    Chen Yanyin: Files, So Far So Close, ShanghART Gallery


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