Sun Keqing

Sun Keqing

Born in China, 1958
Lives and works in Chengdu,China

Sun Keqing
Even Seconds of Memory

From 1991 to 1995, studied at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree.From 2006 to 2008, studied at the China Academy of Art and obtained a master’s degree in fine arts.

It is said that the memory of the fish is only seven seconds. After seven seconds, the fish will lose its past memories and will start a new beginning, and then will abandon the past and continue to acquire a new future.

The technological advancement from the industrial revolution has enabled mankind to enter a fast-developing production era. The abundant and abundant supply and exchange of materials has made consumption a major social form, enabling people to use their original social production methods and civilizations. There has been an unprecedented change in communication, emotional integration and so on. The principle of self-interest and interest-oriented merchandise seems to have begun to bottom out to the bottom line of human civilization. From social relations and ways of living, to personal spirituality and morality, it has become like a hamburger in McDonald’s shop. Sexual consumption. Buying and selling in the commodity society often causes people to have various conflicts in the process of maximizing their personal interests in the process of maximizing their personal interests at the expense of their own goodwill. , disorder, madness and confusion. Under such a social structure, everyone who is a social individual, like a fish with only seven seconds of memory, often loses memory of a kind of “daily state” that is understood by the French sociologist Durkheim. After the various injuries caused, the next new chase is started again and again. Especially in the present, no matter from our basic social existence methods or emotions, we are in a disorderly situation. Whether our personal memory and amnesia should become a fish with only seven seconds of memory, it will be each of us. Self-selection.

Carrying out a meaningful deconstruction and resetting of past image styles and experiences, to obtain a new image interpretation, and to expand some related topics to trigger some deeper thinking, which has always been in contemporary art creation. An important way and means. The contemporary photographic art originated in the 1960s has transformed the original single photographic recording function into a new artistic expression that uses photography and images as a medium to use and convey ideas. Change from the original TAKE PHOTO to MAKE PHOTO. The formation of ideas, and then find a “reasonable” media material and communication form, has always been the main working method and path of my creation. In the process, I try my best to abandon the concepts and styles that have been solidified in the past, and try to achieve a feasible medium and creative means for me at the new source of creation. In this work, I used digital photography, medical X-ray filming, computer post-production, painting, writing, graffiti, collage, field devices, video, etc. to realize and communicate with me. The proposed theme. How to use the creative method has become less important to me, and the realization of the concept is the sole purpose of my work.

For this reason, I will do whatever it takes!