Sun Keqing CV

Keqing Sun

Born in China
Lives and works in Chengdu, China

Keqing Sun
Seven Seconds of Memor


2018    “About the memory of a fish”, Keqing Sun’s solo exhibition, Lushan Art Museum, China
2016    “Oening and closing moment”, Keqing Sun’s Photographic Exhibition”, Chongqing Art Museum, Chengdu LD Art Museum, Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum, China
1995    “Keqing Sun’s works Exhibition”, Art Museum of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China


2020    28th “Photo LA”
2019    “Chongqing First Experimental Image Exhibition, China
2019    Beijing Photography Exhibition, China
2019    Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, China
2019    Nanjing Art Fair, China
2019    15th Edition of Lianzhou foto festival,China
2017    Chongqing Photography Annual Exhibition, China
2010    “Sichuan Corner”, participated in “Ink Painting Exhibition of China Academy of Art”, Jintian Gallery, Hong Kong
2000    “impression of Ink” Exhibition, Chengdu painting Institute and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, China
1999    The work “Power” won the special award for civil aviation photography at the National Art Museum, China
1999    “the dark side of the Moon” was selected for the 9th National Art Exhibition of China, China
1994    “The leisure of dreams”, selected the 8th National Art Exhibition of China, China
1993    “Twilight”, Sichuan Oil painting Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum, China


2019    Published in the 15th Lianzhou Photography Festival portfolio
2017    The work “Portrait of Fish” won the Bronze Award of Chongqing Photography Exhibition and was published in the annual exhibition collection
1995    The paper “the understanding of the randomness and emotion of Chinese painting” was published in “Contemporary artists” magazine
1995    The work “April” was published in the “Jiangsu Oil Painting” magazine