Karen Lee

Karen Lee

Born in Sydney, 1971
Lives and works in Glenmore Park, NSW

Karen Lee
Welcome Home
Matt acrylic on stretched canvas

Why do I paint? Because I love it! It is a passion, I think about it while I drive, work and in those quiet moments. It is a part of who I am, what I am, what I love, what I see and how I feel. I wonder … about everything.

I endeavor to create work that will connect to something in others, it may be very different to the idea that I have while I’m creating a painting but that’s ok. I use Aboriginal art symbols, objects and stories merged with contemporary ideas of culture in an urban society with underlying concepts relating to memory. I love to work in series, some are continuous such as my Bushberries and others are stand-alone created for exhibitions or related to a particular theme. I work hard to create something unique, and the urge to resist falling into what others might expect has been at times difficult to ignore. Evolving as an artist is a reflection of me evolving as an individual, refining the way I look and more importantly see the world around me. It has forced me to reflect on who I am in this space of being an ‘Artist’ and what that may mean. I haven’t worked it all out, it’s a process but so is my art.

My Aboriginal heritage is connected to Wiradjuri Country “the land of the three rivers” and the Tubba-gah people of Central NSW Dubbo.