Hugh Drake

Hugh Drake

Born in Sydney, 1947
Lives and works in Sydney

Hugh Drake
Katherine Gorge
Oil and varnish on canvas
101 x 101cm

I am a Visual Artist currently living and working in Sydney, Australia, having spent a large part of my life as an Art Teacher in NSW High Schools between the 1970’s and mid-1990’s as well as working and teaching abroad, particularly in Japan, for many years, and travelling extensively throughout the world, which has contributed to, and influenced my artwork and direction today.

My current practice is largely in painting, using various media to express my fascination and passion for the physical phenomena that occur in our natural environment together with the spontaneous expression of worlds within the mind.

I’m fascinated by the multiple hues and lineal fluidity of light reflected on water, whether natural or artificial, and its ability to transform our consciousness and awareness, inspiring and informing my art practice and approach, stimulating my imagination, reflecting my love of oceans, skies, and other natural phenomena.

I strive to express this using various media and approaches to encourage a metamorphosis of material which takes on its own alchemical process by way of physical manipulation and serendipitous reaction to achieve the outcomes I seek to create.

I want to stimulate and excite our visual sensibilities with colour, shape and light in a way that encourages the eye to wander through my paintings and wonder what lies within them.

Hugh Drake 2018