Hong Fu

Hong Fu

Born in Beijing, China, 1946
Lives and works in Melbourne

Hong fu
Dr Joseph Brown, 2008
oil on linen
152 x 152 cm

Since arriving in Australia in 1990, contemporary realist Fu Hong has gained a deserved national and international reputation for his original synthesis of representational painting with “impressionist” and “expressionist” leanings.

Each individual picture has an experiential sculptural syntax underscoring its pictorial space – one can see the solidity of his pictorial forms and “feel” them through his skilful and inventive use of modelling, perspective and spatial illusion. The lavish and sensuous manner in which he captures the emotional state of his subject in a dynamic synthesis of classical realism and impressionist colour application, continues his fascinating painterly journey by consistently reinventing his theatrical approach to picture making. In 1996 Hong held a solo exhibition featuring this style – inks on paper. A selection of work from that exhibition hangs in Crown Casino.

Fu Hong’s portrait commissions include his penetrating painting of art doyen Dr Joseph Brown, and his compassionate portrait of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.