Gloria Marojevic Inspirations

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Gloria Marojevic

Lives and works in Sydney[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1569852625263{padding-right: 0px !important;}”]


For as long as I can remember, nature’s elements have been like a magnet to my entire being. Growing up, I was blessed to travel across Europe’s spectacular landscapes spending weeks at a time in my mother’s homeland of Northern Italy, in the deep, all-embracing countryside and along the enchanting Mediterranean coastline.

Images of sea, sky and landscapes magically transformed by light, creating ‘living’ art.

I never fail to be mesmerized by the ever-changing beauty of colours and shapes that these images feed my soul and spirit with.

Pinks; reds; blues; orange; gold; yellow purple skies. all shades of blue and green waters.. constantly moving. Golden green landscapes warming my soul I would sit for hours utterly absorbed, watching the changing light and abstract images.

The abstract colours and shapes of the elements of the earth precious metals; all manner of stone; deep earth tones all variants of bark wood, drawing me in.

Over the years I have taken thousands upon thousands of photographs, attempting to capture the ‘living experience of nature’s elements.

The movement and colour of the ‘spirit’ in nature’s images never fails to make a powerful impression on me and fills me to bursting point with inspiration and the need to translate the ‘living spirit’ of nature’s elements onto the canvas.

‘Beholding nature’s elements inspires my passion to translate the beauty love and spirit of these elements radiating living vibrations’ from the canvas.


I am a fine artist with a focus on human flourishing through the life of my art.

My Art journey began in London, extending throughout Europe, the U.S. and into Australia where I have lived for the past 16 yrs. My studio is based in Sydney.

I create Inspirational ‘Living Art’ – Vessels of personal blessing, igniting& empowering an optimal state human Flourishing.

I live and breathe the vast and glorious landscapes of Australia. It is like oxygen to my soul, igniting a passion to capture the essential life of the powerful forces of Nature – to create ‘living breathing Artworks.

My passion is Nature’s elements such as ‘Water’ and ‘Light’.

My work captures the ‘living’ vibrations of these elements, such as the ‘Living Spirit’ of the Ocean & the ‘Living Spirit’ of Light.

Each painting is a vessel or carrier of a ‘Life Force’ Blessing, also known as ‘vital energy ‘or ‘Qi.

I am the author of each written ‘Life Force Blessing’, engraved onto plagues to accompany each painting. These Words are a powerful force – also vibrating a ‘vital energy’ – they are inspirational, ‘life-giving’ & ‘heart energizing’ – vibrating in joyful union with each painting.

My passion to poetically communicate each ‘Life Force blessing’ is a natural process for me…. Words have a ‘life’ of their own…. They literally spring out of me and ‘sing’ in joyful union with the ‘spirit’ of each painting.

My inspirational Artworks serve to bless and energize you personally, and positively influence the vibrations in your home.

I am passionate about the strategic use of my Living Art in the workplace serves to increase productivity and motivation, igniting inspiration and creative thinking.

I am passionate about strengthening ‘identity’ – my Living Art creatively strengthens the foundational ethos and identity of a company.

I am passionate about the strategic use of my ‘Living Art’ in Aged Care, positively influencing an optimal state of human Flourishing life expectancy inclusive of physical & mental health – facilitating the alignment of optimal brain health and strengthening the capabilities of the mind.

‘Living Art’ – A pathway to illumination and blessing.


My Art is very personal. An intrinsically intimate connection takes place in relationship with a person’s spirit because it is ‘Living’ Art.

There is a ‘Vital Power’ radiating from the ‘life source’ of each painting and from the Word that crown each one. Each Painting & ‘Life Force’ Blessing is LIVING and ACTIVE – radiating ‘Vital Energy’.

I invite you to be energized and deeply blessed by my ‘Living’ Artworks.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]