Frank Malerba

Frank Malerba

Born in 1950
Lives and works in Melbourne

Frank Malerba
policewomen, 2017

Recognised in Melbourne and nationally for his sculptural works, Malerba continually delights viewers with his lyricism of line translated into steel. Working from line drawings, Malerba creates sculptures of the drawings formed out of laser-cut steel. Malerba states, “Using a linear approach I am able to accentuate and capture the sense of movement that is unique to the subject matter. I am interested in capturing the many fleeting moods of my models.”

Malerba’s work articulates a combination of new wave pop – realism, the abstract and the figurative sublime. This is achieved through the bold use line combined with progressive techniques and materials, lending the work to be sensually urban. His art practice also consists of paintings and public art.

Famed for his expressive use of line, Malerba has been commissioned to complete prominent public artwork situated in St Kilda, South Melbourne and Flemington. Malerba’s mark making is a feature within this highly successful artwork. Erotic Blur – his newest body of work, further explores the female form using a blurring technique. Forthright and expressive Malerba’s portrayals of the women he paints are confronting yet sensual.