Emanuel Sammartano

Emanuel Sammartano

Born in Italy
Lives and works in Sydney

Emanuel Sammartano
Acrylic&cotton&Gesso&mirror on Canvas
16.1 x 26.8 cm

Emanuel Sammartano is an Italian Architect and Designer based in Sydney, with a deep enthusiastic creativity and passion that range from antique to contemporary. He has been deeply influenced by his early experience with his father, an antique collector and restorer. Moreover, his academic studies and a deep interest in the Bauhaus and De Stijl have developed in him an acute sensibility and peculiar artistic sense.

It’s a time when we usually find ourselves poking around the Internet, carefully considering which creative endeavor to pursue in anticipation of our hallowed free time. The inspiring design of Emanuel never puts his talent in a box. Quite the opposite, his work crosses boundaries and disciplines. He makes major contributions to architecture and design, but also dabbled in fine arts, from where he takes inspirations and creates real pieces of “Art-Design” furniture.

The relation between art, architecture, antique objects and design combines his job to a unique and personal process where all influences are fused together creating something original and unexpected but at the same time real objects.

He works in sequences of ideas, meaning, when he is about to finish a work his mind is already triggered onto the next one. His work comes about through sequential reasoning led by his intuition. A freer structuring process is crucial to unleash his creativity.

It is all there: beautiful compositions, balance, colors, intelligence, originality…simply yet so sophisticated!