Carol Barroso

Carol Barroso

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1981
Lives and works in Corrimal, NSW

Carol Barroso
Spirit Dance
Oil on canvas
85 x 96cm

Carol was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been residing in Australia since 2003.

Combined with Carol’s innate spirituality being raised a Catholic family and overall Brazil being is a very mystical place, Carol began her practice of Vipassana Meditation in Blackheath, Blue Mountains, almost immediately upon arriving in Australia and continues till today as much as possible.

Her meditation practises directly influences her art, putting her in touch with the metaphysical world through her own experience of truth from within.

That also has influenced Carol’s connection to her surroundings and people. Carol says that as she became in touch with her own emotions and spiritual makeup, she developed progressively through the years, not only insight into the reality in which she experiences but also an enhanced sensibility to energies of places and people.

The paintings relate to her experiences in nature as well as her close family and soul family.

Carol attend College of Fine Arts UNSW for many years, and graduated in 2016 with a research on whether Meditation can Assist Understandings of Consciousness in Art. She majored in Time Based Art and made short films for her Research. During this time Carol picked up the painting, and is mostly self-taught.

Her practice is by far very influenced by her metaphysical experiences through meditation, and also poetry. Her focus is on a spontaneous expression of creativity according to her inner truth.