Camie Lyons

Camie Lyons

Born in Melbourne, 1968
Lives and works in Sydney

Camie Lyons
Spirit Painting,2017
mixed media on linen

Lyons’ palpable skill for capturing energy, whether physically making marks on a surface, or melding and contorting bronze into organic flowing shapes, is what has come to embody her oeuvre.

A primary preoccupation for Lyons has been to capture dance, to trace the lines made while moving, which she has been doing successfully for many years in what she refers to as ‘solid drawings in space’. All these elements – quietly fierce and boldly delicate in their execution – fill the viewer with a feeling “like pirouetting on the inside”.

Lyons strikes a visual balance and beauty in the constant cycle that is memory, perception and daily life, evoking sinew, limbs, and bone in her light touch and knowing gesture. Her works are sensitive and enduring, a form of organic linear abstraction that strikes a chord. “The sculptures can be shifted around a room, placed at different angles, lit to create drama; this makes them quite versatile and surprising.” Sculpture is often seen as being on the periphery of the arts, but in terms of the level of celebration of this medium, we rarely see sculptors, and in particular female sculptors, rise to stardom in the Australian and International art scene the way Lyons has.

Lyons lives and works in Sydney where she has had several solo exhibitions. Receiving recognition for her studies in movement and form, her work can be found in public and private collections in Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, London, New York and more recently in Thailand. Lyons studied Fine Arts at Melbourne’s RMIT University and was then awarded her Masters at Sydney’s COFA.