Live in Art Sydney is an organisation dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic exchanges between the East and Australia. Our main branches include Live in Art gallery, /Liv/ Art Lab, LIA+ art commercial cooperation projects and personalised art residency. Our gallery is temporarily under rebranding, while our /Liv/ Art lab is open at Shop 8/22-24 Cross Street Double Bay NSW 2028.

Focus on contemporary art, exhibit classic collection

Leading art into life seamlessly

Live in Art Sydney is a contemporary art space operated with innovative, people-friendly and diversified concepts. “Leading art into life”, our gallery is only a part of this art space.

As a service organisation for artists and collectors, two years before we established, we were committed to creating a professional, liberal, and market- oriented contemporary art and cultural exchange and display platform. We take the promotion of outstanding Chinese contemporary artists and the development of rich artistic activities as our own responsibility to promote and promote the exchange and development of contemporary art and culture between China, Australia, and Germany.

We also have close academic and professional cooperation with many domestic and foreign scholars and foreign art institutions. At the same time, this also provides the possibility of a larger stage for Chinese artists living in Australia.

A space to share and exchange art and beauty

Our gallery provides an elegant, bright, and highly plastic multifunctional art space. Live in Art will hold 10-15 different international contemporary art exhibitions in the gallery space in every year, including cooperation with institutions and non-profit organizations, as well as group exhibitions of emerging artists or solo exhibitions of outstanding artists; the exhibition will also incorporate a wealth of art Activities or business cooperation.

This is why Live in Art was founded, which can be an art gallery, a gallery, a classroom, a coffee time, a fashion release site, an exhibition hall, or a private collection party…here more It is a lifestyle and aesthetic space.

Live in Art is not a defined space, but a space whose fixed attributes have been weakened. This is the greatest use of space, which can satisfy different people’s ideas about space, and it is a place with real personality and thoughts. The entrance faces the bustling Double Bay. The romantic atmosphere of the street comes in through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The floor-to-ceiling glass display windows at the corner junctions are regularly updated with lively and interesting art exhibits.

We will not only tailor international exhibition plans for artists, but also connect with local first-class art education institutions and art platforms. We will also provide artists with professional marketing advice, plan and execute art exhibitions and publicity activities, and enhance the artist’s international influence and popularity.

In addition, we welcome all companies with art investment vision and courage to connect resources with successful companies regardless of industry background and art investment background. We will meticulously and persistently strive to promote the best matching cooperation opportunities between the two parties. The new development of LIA+’s art presentation project in the commercial field, provides tailor-made art activities services for companies that meet their market positioning and needs, establish an artistic brand image, and open up more possibilities for business mutual assistance and foreign alliance cooperation.

Gallery space-works display case

Art is like life, with infinite forms. We have never been limited to the gallery. On the contrary, since the establishment of Live in Art Sydney, we have held art exhibitions, package exhibitions, artist lectures, launched artist fine painting classes, Paint Sip Chill painting interest classes, and organized Chinese New Year Cultural Week series of activities, hosted activities and courses such as floristry, photography, skin care, beauty, fragrance, jewellery appreciation, fashion matching, etc., held afternoon tea, Gala Dinner, and hosted various private events such as birthday parties… We have been committed to creating more possibilities for Live in Art Sydney.

Our talent team

Live in Art team is composed by famous artists, writers, well-known humanities and art bloggers, art collectors, famous curators, managers, fashion emerging designers, and other major industry elites. Originated from China, Germany, and Australia, Italy, and other major cultural and artistic institutions. Our team adheres to the concept of cohesive strength and pursuit of excellence, leading art into life, capturing and exploring the intersection of life and art based on an international perspective, and defining the boundary between art and design.