Sophie Dunlop

‘Sence of Place’ Solo Exhibition 29th Oct – 17th Nov 2018
Inspired by a visit to the market or an exotic garden, Sophie Dunlop relishes the unique and intricate details of each object she conveys. Her meticulous style is countered with a curious eye and unconventional composition, to provide the viewer with a fresh yet thoughtful vision of the familiar. Echoing the evocative nature of a bromeliad or a luxurious oriental carpet, which are favourite motifs, Sophie imbues her subject matter with a quality that goes beyond the purely visual. She injects the canvas with intensified colour and texture so that the viewer may go beyond the surface to touch and smell the succulent flesh or the foliage she paints, to embrace the luxurious weight of the exotic fabrics.
Sophie Dunlop was born in Sydney in 1971 and grew up painting in her father, Brian Dunlop’s studio. Her early influences include many notable Australian artists including her father, Justin O’Brien and Francis Giacco. Sophie studied art at the College of Fine Arts, the Lorenzo de Medici Art School in Florence, the Julian Ashton Art School and privately with Francis Giacco. Since graduating with a Masters in Fine Arts from COFA, Sophie has held a number of solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and is represented in some important collections. She works full time as an artist and has a studio in the historic precinct of Port Adelaide.
Sophie Dunlop is a member of the Australian Watercolour Society and is represented in their annual exhibitions. Sophie Dunlop has been a finalist in the Wynne Prize at Art Gallery of NSW, Paddington Art Prize (Sydney),the Lloyd Rees Art Prize (Hobart) , Fleurieu Art Prize (Adelaide), Mosman Art Prize (Sydney), Harper’s Mansion National Trust Still Life Award, Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Salon des Refuses, S.H.eRVNI Gallery, Archibald Section & Wynne Section, Portia Geach Prize, S.H.Ervin Gallery .
Part of this exhibition’s collections :
  • Bromeliad Forest
    128 x 158cm Oil on canvas Sold
  • Long Table
    81x198cm Oil on canvas
  • Guavas and Jasmin
  • Underwater Garden
    120x70cm Oil on canvas
  • Rainforest
    53x69 cm Watercolour on paper
  • Sweet Things
    53x69 cm Watercolour on paper
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