Xifa Yang

Xifa Yang

Born in Tianjin, China, 1963
Lives and works in Sydney and Tianjin

Xifa Yang
Das Kapitalseries-Faith, 2017
160 x 90 cm

Xifa Yang’s paintings use the human body as a medium, making use of traditional materials that are distinctively Chinese, such as fine writing paper from Xuangcheng. Xifa Yang’s works intend to unfold a distant insight to heart and soul by portraying a natural body flying and traveling with birds, fish and butterflies in the universe. The brush strolls on paper along with his heart, absorbs his mind to its tip and pours his thoughts into his paintings. In tranquillity, the body and mind converse with nature, enter an entirely free world and give voice to emotion and soul.

Xifa Yang’s work draws on his trans-cultural experiences, contrasting aspects of Chinese tradition to Western ideas and culture. He has exhibited in the Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery in the Scattered Memories and Extinct Memories exhibition and Wollongong City Gallery in the Midway Exhibition. He is currently Associate Professor of the Department of Oriental Arts at Nankai University and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He has been to Australia several times to exchange academic experiences with foreign artists, dividing his time between Wollongong and Nankai University.

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