He Huang CV

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He Huang

Born in Guangdong, China, 1955
Lives and Works in Sydney


During the period of Australia, the sculpture “Jing Si” participated in the All-Australia Sculpture Exhibition and won the special prize. He held many solo exhibitions and many oil paintings won awards and exhibited in Australia. The works are collected by government agencies, galleries and private collections.

The sculpture “78th World” was selected for the National Art Exhibition and was permanently collected by the Guangdong Museum of Art.

2011    the sculpture “Towards the Republic” participated in the “Hundred Years of Fame – Guangdong’s Contemporary and Contemporary Art Exhibitions”
2013    Four-person Exhibition of “Freedom of Painting”, Hangzhou Normal University Academy of Fine Arts Modern Art Museum
2013    “Yiyuan” Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Yiyuan, Foshan, Guangdong
2014    “Blinking Eyes” Yellow River Solo Exhibition, Force Gallery, Beijing


During the period in Australia, the sculpture “Jing Si” won the special award for the All-Australian Sculpture Exhibition.
His masterpiece “Freedom Is Not Dead” stands at the Heroes Square in Guangzhou and “Imperishable Noble Spirit” stands at the Guangdong Provincial History Museum.
The sculpture “Towards the Republic” won the gold medal of “Hundred Years of Fame – Guangdong’s Contemporary and Contemporary Art Exhibition” and was collected by the Guangdong Museum of Art.