E&A Live in Art Education

E&A Live in Art Education is a charity of art initiated by Live in Art Sydney. When it comes to art funds, people usually think of commercial art funds in the sense of investment or financing. Objectively speaking, although such profitable art funds have brought positive effects to the art market to a certain extent, various non-profit or not-for profit art foundations are perhaps more necessary to the society.


“E&A Live in Art Education” is a not for profit art and education foundation initiated by Live in Art Sydney with strong social responsibility. “E&A Live in Art Education” is established to promote contemporary art and art education by supporting talented contemporary artists and advancing art education for children.


Since the establishment of Live in Art Sydney, we have been committed to promoting the development of contemporary art and bring art into daily life. Therefore, the establishment of “E&A Live in Art Education” reaffirms the support of talented artists, such as encouraging artists’ creation, presenting outstanding artists and their artwork, enhancing artists’ awareness and social influence, supporting relevant academic research, and promoting the development of contemporary art in all aspects. We are moving forward with our initial purposes.

However, we would like to do much more than that.

As art practitioners, we know that the development of art education for children is a long-term mission requiring uncountable manpower and energy. Art education is an indispensable part of the social development, which could not be exclusive to a few people, nor become an elite education. For the majority of groups, art education itself does not require everyone to become famous artists, but to let more people discover, feel and experience the wonderful things in the world. It is like teaching people to literate. It is not aiming at letting everyone to create stunning masterpieces, but that people can read the beautiful articles written by these predecessors, thus enriching their inner world and spiritual world.

If the matter can make homo sapiens survive in a tough environment for a long time, and then the imaginative revolution that bursts out could make them live more fulfilling and happier. Therefore, promoting art education for children is an important part of bring art into families, into communities, into daily life, and improve the happiness and quality of lives. These, are the reasons why we have established “E&A Live in Art Education”.


Firstly, “E&A Live in Art Education” will support the Live in Art 2020 Invitation Art Prize holding by Live in Art Sydney, to provide tangible and intangible supports to the outstanding artist selected by the art prize judges, to support further artistic attempts and high quality creations, and to promote the development of contemporary art.

At the same time, several children’s art education programs are being organised and implemented, starting from our program at the SDN Surry Hills Children’s Education and Care Centre. We will provide a full range of long-term artistic support to local children’s educational institutions, such as art courses by artists (every week), curriculum consultants, art supplies donations, art tours, etc.


“E&A Live in Art Education” is funded mainly by artists, businesses, individuals, families and Live in Art Sydney. We will use these donations and income directly or indirectly to ensure the operations of our various programs. Here, we sincerely appeal to and sincerely invite all sectors of the community who have a strong social responsibility to join this far-reaching and not-for-profit project.


All artists who donate their artwork to “E&A Live in Art Education” will become our honorary members. They will be permanently publicised and honoured, will be published in media like newspapers/magazines, and will be invited to the Annual Meeting.

We will hold charity activities, like auctions, by the end of each year, and all of the proceeds will be donated in the art foundation.


All enterprises that donate (funds or various material support) for “E&A Live in Art Education” will serve as partners of us. They will enjoy free customised painting workshops for the company, free art consulting services for enriching the brand image, will be permanently included in our publicity and honour list, will be invited to VIP previews of our art exhibitions and art prizes, and will be invited to our Annual Meeting.

Moreover, enterprises with huge donations or continuous support every year, will become our honorary partners, to enjoy our professional and exclusive art investment and management service, private art shopping guide services (like accompany with auctions), free artwork decoration (design, installation, de-installation and refreshment) in commercial spaces and many other customised value-added services. Besides, Live in Art Sydney could also co-host a cooperative event once a year in our gallery without venue fee.


Everyone who loves art, cares for artists, and pays attention to art education are welcome to join us! Become a member and join a community of people who support art and education through the programs of Live in Art Sydney.


The “E&A Live in Art Education” is not born incidentally. Instead, it is a significant project that has been brewing and promoting since the establishment of Live in Art Sydney. The establishment today contains two years’ efforts already. We always believe that art is alive. It is every subtle but vivid moment in life. In addition to the tangible things that can be seen and touched, there are more beautiful and meaningful things worth pursuing and persisting. At the same time, we also know that both art and art education are long-term goals, unlike poverty alleviation and disaster relief whose effect are immediate, but we still decided to sink our minds and commit ourselves with practical actions.

We are ready, are you going with us?

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