Yifeng Tan

‘Platter’ Group Exhibition 24  April – 19 May 2019

Artists: Ning Chen, Michael Downs, Shaohua Nong, Jianhai Niu, Yifeng Tan, Deqing Zhang

Curator: Yifeng Tan

This exhibition brings together three Melbourne- based Chinese artists, one Chinese artist working in New York, one Sydney artist working frequently in China and one living and working permanently in China itself.

All the six artists now combine to produce this extraordinary “platter” group exhibition in Sydney. They all have different approaches, varied techniques, clear expressive styles and very individual voices shaped by long and successful careers. Viewers will see fine examples of each artist’s embodiment of their unique cultural identities. Each carefully selected piece reflects the six artist’s journeys from different starting points and different physical and social environments within China, all arriving here in this powerful and intriguing group exhibition in Sydney. ‘Platter’ has a multitude of textures and flavours but all these ingredients come together to give the gallery visitor a very contemporary feast.