Mister Anonymous

Shaohua Nong
6 Mar – 29 March 2020

Producer:   Yuhan Fu

The medium of oil painting is used to intervene in the artist’s thinking about life. The mundane life of the individual flows like a small river. We can not grasp it no matter the time or life. The same is true of painting. Each painting has its own destiny. Occasion, meditation, and memory. , Delusion, dream, present, future, fear, loneliness, happiness, etc. will all come across unexpectedly with Nong Shaohua’s paintings.

Before moving to Songzhuang, Beijing and settling in a studio in 2010, Nong Shaohua found several jobs in Shanxi Province, where he was born and raised. Based on life, he explored his own way of painting, uniquely and freely organizing these ordinary, seemingly insignificant things. Showing us the uncertain plot in the picture, his works always carry subtle, humorous and ironic stories.

The universe is like a dream, the earth is like a dream, and life is like a dream. In the gradual accumulation of experience, human civilization has broken epistemologically, as Buddhism put it, “Everything works, like a dream bubble.” Nong Shaohua’s painting world is a dream-like fictional reality. He entered into the realm of watching movies, and also entered the dream world of psychological changes in his personal mind.

Experience is not creation. It is only a book. It is accessible to everyone. The work is an independent world. The birth of the work is creative. It is a miracle. My work is occasional, subconscious, meditative, and passionate. The name of my most recent work. Some are unknown places, portraits of unknown people, an unknown afternoon. These topics just want to make the work not correspond to specific locations, people, and time. They just want to make the work broader and more mobile, so that there are more people reading the paintings. The interpretation of these works is not only a transcript and copy of my life experience and visual experience, that will make the work too straightforward, just simple presentation and expression can only make the work narrow, I think there must be behind a good work picture With more information and ideas, the audience can feel the artist’s excitement and desire to speak to the canvas.

Painting is a happy and happy thing. Although the creation and completion process of each work is different, sometimes the work is very easy to accomplish, sometimes it is awkward. It is simply a battle with the canvas. The art of oil painting The form is characterized by a strong sense of craftsmanship. This traditional technique is still full of vitality and charm. Of course, the painter’s choice of creative ideas is different from each other. The concept of creation. The names of my works “Portrait of the Unknown” and “The Land of the Unknown” are all designed to make the work more general. Time and place, so that the audience has more doors to enter my work, so that the work has more interpretation.

When I paint the second pass, I do n’t know what it is. Oil painting is never bad. You can always paint. The foundation of the oil painting is the best. Destruction, reconstruction, and painting are actually a language. Every day’s telling will be different and different. This is the advantage and characteristic of contemporary art.

When I created “Portrait of the Unknown”, I consciously dissolved and weakened the characteristics, personality, expressions, etc. of the portrait. Although the structure of the painting is very strong, the glasses worn by the characters make the picture stronger. It is also a metaphor and a humorous Render. I want the avatar to be transformed into a gorgeous blue sky and an unknown place. The avatar is more than just a portrait recording and transcription.