What about making some meaningful impacts on contemporary art and art education for children?

Art is alive. It is every subtle but vivid moment in life. We believe that in addition to the tangible things which can be seen and touched, there are more beautiful and meaningful things worth pursuing and persisting.

Live in Art Sydney presents outstanding national and international artists and their artwork, encourages artists’ creation, enhances artists’ awareness and social influence, supports relevant academic research, promotes art education for children, donates children programs to local children care institutes, cooperates with cross-industry companies and provides artist residencies by its various programs.

Both art and art education are long-term goals, unlike poverty alleviation and disaster relief whose effect are immediate, but we still decided to sink our minds and commit ourselves with practical actions. To achieve these meaningful goals, we need your help.

Every support and donation is important to support the development of contemporary art and art education for children.

You can help by visiting our exhibitions, purchasing our art derivatives, making a donation to become a Live in Art Member to help make our future more secure.

We are grateful to our generous donors who support Live in Art Sydney in its various meaningful programs. Your generosity helps Live in Art Sydney to support a brighter future for the art world through exhibitions, events and education.

Donations over $2 will receive a tax-deductible receipt. All donors will be acknowledged on our website. Donations over $200 will become Live in Art Members, over $500 will be acknowledged on our gallery wall.

How your donation helps us to promote art and education:


$2 – $50 will provide general support for Live in Art Sydney exhibitions and events and our immense gratitude.

$50 helps Live in Art Sydney to run grand exhibitions and events like Art Prize and Mid-Year Group Exhibition.

$100 buys art supplies for local children care institutions.

$500 pays an artist to deliver an art class each week in a month for a particular children care institution.

$1000 supports Live in Art Sydney to expand its’ art education program, gather more artists and support more children care institutions.

$2000 will help to develop an exhibition education kits for teachers and children.

$5000 supports Live in Art Sydney to work with an outstanding emerging artist to develop a body of work towards their first exhibition.

$10,000 to $20,000 will deliver an outstanding exhibition to support the development of contemporary art.

$50,000 or more is a significant investment in our work and will help us to shape the future.

*(These values are indicative of the range of activities donations will support. Otherwise, if you have any particular ideas, please feel free to share with us at any time.)

Please donate to Live in Art Sydney by using use the secure donation form here. Alternatively, please contact our Director Assistant, Huijinou (Jinou) Wang on 0449 693 116 or email

Every donation is valued and put to the development of contemporary art and art education for children.

Other ways to support us

Live in Art Members Program

Become a member and join a community of people who support art and education through the programs of Live in Art Sydney.

By joining Live in Art Members you receive a range of benefits at Live in Art Sydney and also at our business partners across Australia.

Find out more about Live in Art Members here

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